Linggo, Marso 24, 2013

CAMANAVAREB Fluid in Motion at Manila Bay

CAMANAVAREB with Philippine Dragonboat Federation Team Triton
Manila Bay, March 24, 2013

True to his promised to bring about positive change in the board sports activity, Pres. CGaw scheduled a challenging but exciting event last Sunday, March 24, 2013. He invited members to attend a Dragonboat activity with the help of no less than the best in the world The Philippine Dragonboat Federation.

Assembly area at Manila Ocean Park entrance parking lot the participants begun with a simple warm-up exercises at around 5:30 A.M. Basic arms and legs stretching, push-ups and sit-ups, jumping jacks and sprint were made to condition the body of the "eager rookies".  Some fundamentals of the sport and equipment were introduced like the basic parts of the paddle and the boat were made know.

All aboard, and the rowing begins.  Team CAMANAVAREB were all a fast learner with the help of the world champion as instructors Team Triton,  the activity was made fun,exciting and enjoyable.  Everyone of Team CAMANAVAREB were all laughing and just simply enjoying the "salty scented" Manila Bay with all the other rowers in the area.

Pres. CGaw and the rest of the team fell in love with the sport.  It (the activity) intend to developed cooperation, timing, discipline,teamwork and trust among each other.  If such character would be applied within the board or association any endeavour will never be impossible but ultimately achieve.  At CAMANAVAREB work and play goes hand in hand or simply best describe as "fluid in motion".

Pres. CGaw and Team CAMANAVAREB
at Manila Bay