Biyernes, Mayo 31, 2013


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PAREB PNP Atty. Ariel T. Martinez

by Atty. Ariel T. Martinez

Martes, Mayo 28, 2013

Philippine Independence Day (June 12,2013)

Philippine Flag

Ako ay Pilipino
Buong katapatang nanunumpa
Sa watawat ng Pilipinas
At sa bansang kanyang sinasagisag
Na may dangal, katarungan at kalayaan
Na pinakikilos ng sambayanang
Makatao at
English translation
I am a Filipino
I pledge my allegiance
To the flag of the Philippines
And to the country it represents
With honor, justice and freedom
Put in motion by one nation
For God
for Nature
for the People and
for the Country.

Sabado, Mayo 25, 2013

"No property bubble, yet for PH." Moody's

    Moody's Corporation announced that Philippines real estate sector remains strong and that "No threat of property bubble, yet." According to Moody's the country's strong property sector remains positive due to high demand and low interest rates.

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ANC News

    However some "doomsday experts" say and think otherwise, they said that the said "property bubble" were already here some years ago.  Since most of the high rise property now are mostly vacant and were not utilized for its purpose especially in the residential sector.  But, developers think otherwise, foreign buyers remain high were in it said that they are not simple buying a unit or two but sometimes they would tend to purchased a whole floor consisting of 6-8 units or even penthouse unit.  The OFW market will continually grow and remain promising because owning a house are one of the many dreams of most Filipinos.  The BPO's, and the local market, considering government financial institutions like the SSS, GSIS and PAG-IBIG  have allocated funds for membership housing loans at a very low interest rate. These sectors would still stir growth for property demand both in residential and commercial use.

   We as real estate service professionals or RESP in general, think that the very strict requirements of the banking sectors together with the property developers and government direct interventions through positive policies the said bubble would be just series of marketing challenges that could become a "sparkle of opportunity" for our sector. Wherein the so called multiplier effect of the property sector would drive the Philippine economy positively.


Biyernes, Mayo 24, 2013

Philippine Standard Time Act of 2013 (RA 10535) aka "Punctuality Act?"


"If you cannot make it on time, you should come before the time!"

     With the signing (May 23, 2013) into law of the Philippine Standard Time Act of 2013 or Republic Act 10535 which synchronized and setting all the timepieces or devices of government offices nationwide both local and national agencies in coordination with PAGASA or the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration. .  This also declares the first week of every year as "National Time Consciousness Week."

     This is a very welcome moved to all RESP or real estate service practitioners particularly those engaged in real estate documentations. The on time releases of various documents would mean reliability of service by the said professionals.Government offices both local and national will become more efficient to the public by giving them prompt and on time service to the public.

     This act should make "Filipino time as being on time" since punctuality is a trademark of one true professional.

    Said Act shall take effect 15 days from its publication in the Official Gazette or in two newspaper of  general circulation.

Huwebes, Mayo 16, 2013

PAREB 53rd Anniversary

Philippine Association of Real Estate Board, Inc.

     Last May 15, 2013 the Philippine Association of Real Estate Board, Inc. or simply PAREB. Celebrated  its 53rd founding anniversary being the First, the Premiere and the largest real estate organization in the country and in Asia. 
    With more or less than 100 member boards nationwide PAREB will continually lead all real estate service practitioners towards professionalization of the industry and linking the country internationally in order to provide more avenue for business opportunities, income and camaraderie with other countries real estate practitioners or counterpart .
     In this regard PAREB-CAMANAVAREB will adhere and support PAREB in all of its major endeavors  for the establishment of active and robust real estate sector in the country.
    Happy Anniversary PAREB and MABUHAY tayong lahat!

P.E. Antonio Street, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Barangay Ugong, Pasig City


Huwebes, Mayo 2, 2013



Sample Ballot to be use on May 13, 2013
    With almost a few days before election Filipinos who are registered voters with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) will decide the faith of their candidates for the different elective post to serve them for another term of three (3) years.  
Some thinker's says that this exercise is just an "insanity in Philippine politics" wherein they (Filipinos) want change when they kept on electing the same people.

    Regardless of what others may think we should do and exercise our right to vote. Our forefathers have fought with their lives for us to practice such right. And honoring them by electing the right person to serve the public is the very least we can do.

    On Monday, May 13, 2013 all real estate service practitioners should exercise such right and vote for their chosen candidates and elect especially those who support and implement all Laws that governs the practice of Real Estate service in the country.

Postscript: (May 14,2013)

     With almost all the Local Board of Canvassers (City,Municipal,Provincial,Congressional) proclaiming local winners in the different part of the country and the COMELEC National Board of Canvassers promised to announce and proclaim the top 9 or all the 12 Senators Elect before midnight of May 15, 2013 truly prove the "usefulness" of the PCOS machine. The unsung heroes of the election our public school teachers, the PNP, the AFP and other government officials who made the exercise a success and generally peaceful and most of all to every registered voters Filipinos who went out and voted for their chosen candidates.

     No individual, groups, country or any entity have the right to speak against or make jokes the way we (Filipinos) chose or elect any candidate to be our future leaders. Regardless of who the winners are as long as the simple rule of the majority is respected wherein the voters are allowed to cast their vote freely then the said exercise is a democracy in progress and a country in action Philippine style.