Huwebes, Mayo 16, 2013

PAREB 53rd Anniversary

Philippine Association of Real Estate Board, Inc.

     Last May 15, 2013 the Philippine Association of Real Estate Board, Inc. or simply PAREB. Celebrated  its 53rd founding anniversary being the First, the Premiere and the largest real estate organization in the country and in Asia. 
    With more or less than 100 member boards nationwide PAREB will continually lead all real estate service practitioners towards professionalization of the industry and linking the country internationally in order to provide more avenue for business opportunities, income and camaraderie with other countries real estate practitioners or counterpart .
     In this regard PAREB-CAMANAVAREB will adhere and support PAREB in all of its major endeavors  for the establishment of active and robust real estate sector in the country.
    Happy Anniversary PAREB and MABUHAY tayong lahat!

P.E. Antonio Street, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Barangay Ugong, Pasig City