CAMANAVAREB: Katorse na sia!

To acknowledged by its members as the best board.
To provide the industry and the public a membership of real estate service practitioners with a characters of honesty, integrity, and professionalism (HIP).
Faith in GOD
Love of Country
Trust in PAREB
Fidelity with every client
Service to Members and others
" A strong local board is a strong PAREB "

PAREB-Caloocan Malabon Navotas Valenzuela Real Estate Board,Inc. 
(formerly PAREB- Malabon Navotas REALTORS(R) Board, Inc.)*

Sometime in every Saturday of each Month of 2002 Mr. Rodolfo B. Venzon then a member of Quezon City REALTORS Board, Inc. (PAREB-QCRB) and other real estate practitioners located in CAMANAVA regularly meet and conduct exchange listings among themselves to service the real estate requirements of businessmen particularly those who were looking for lots or warehouses to be lease for long term basis in Navotas and Malabon area. These cordial meetings lead to the idea of forming a group of real estate practitioners in the area Mr. Venzon together with his QCRB colleague Albert Mercado and Jojo Lopez s
upported his concept. Sponsored and officially endorsed by the Quezon City REALTORS Board, Inc. thus formed the chartering of PAREB-Malabon Navotas REALTORS Board, Inc. (MANAREB) with PAREB which then lead to its Article of Incorporation and By Laws preparation for registration with the Security and Exchange Commission on December 10, 2003 during their group first anniversary and Christmas party.

And in a business meeting held on November 29,2004 at Max’s Restaurant,Malabon City, PAREB thru its Board Organization Committee,formally and officially approved the application of PAREB-Malabon Navotas REALTORS Board,Inc. (PAREB-MANAREB) Subsequently, on same year the board was duly registered and incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock,non-profit organization with Rodolfo B. Venzon, Albert D. Mercado, Arcadio R. Lopez III, Juancho R. de Guzman, Lourivic O. Aguilar, Josephine T. Malco, Ma.Raidis A. Batica, Ailien P. Raymundo, Marlene B.Pascual and Ebenezer C. Lardizabal as incorporators and charter members.

During its maiden year in 2004,Rodolfo B.Venzon was elected as the board’s Charter President.  Regular monthly meetings were held,business meetings and exchange of listings via Multiple Listing Service-MLS was set in place. Likewise,the board started to conduct its own Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review(CRESAR).

In 2005,under the presidency of Albert D.Mercado,MANAREB doubled its membership base and offered Continuing Education Program(CEP) for its members’ development.In addition,MANAREB became more active and involved in various PAREB activities and became known as one of the most promising constituent member boards of PAREB.

In 2006,it was the turn of Arcadio R.Lopez III to lead the board.More emphasis was given to Information Technology as listings were regularly posted in the e-group which enhanced and widened business opportunities for members.Throughout the year project presentations and accreditations with leading developers were undertaken.

2007-its 4th year,PAREB-MANAREB,INC. under the leadership of Josephine T. Malco remains committed in providing unparalleled services to its members. MANAREB conducts bi-monthly business meetings to increase business opportunities for members and improve their knowledge in the field of real estate.The board has recently launched its own website, www.manareb.com & www.manareb.org & published the 1st Members' Directory.

2012 Pres. Joel Dennis T.  Muyco and its  Board of Directors plan to add the cities of Caloocan and Valenzuela came to be. In a resolution approved by PAREB National Directorate Meeting and with its SEC approved application to change name PAREB MANAREB was granted the status of PAREB - Caloocan Malabon Navotas Valenzuela Real Estate Board, Inc.( PAREB CAMANAVAREB for brevity) by adding the cities of Caloocan and Valenzuela.

2013 the Board is now called PAREB CAMANAVAREB Inc. with www.camanavareb.org as its official website with a new logo conceptualized by PP A M Gomez. and with Mr. Charlie Gaw as the last President -Elect of MANAREB and the First President of CAMANAVAREB.....and the service goes on


THE OUTER BIG CIRCLE - represent PRBRES wherein we as a Real Estate organization we are duty bound to adhere to its laws and regulations 
THE SMALLER INNER CIRCLE - represent PAREB as our mother Board
THE WORD CALOOCAN MALABON NAVOTAS VALENZUELA - represent the four cities of CAMANAVA; symbolized independent of identity; it encourage and inspires members to create or activate new board from the 4 cities
THE FOUR HUMAN LIKE FIGURE - represent the discipline of our profession i. e. CONSULTANT, APPRAISER, BROKER, SALESPERSON
THE FOUR DIRECTION or POINTER - represent the different location or direction NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST, etc.,
this represent a compass a essential tool of our profession
THE GLOBE - represent the universality of our profession, the earth or the world, the land or real estate
THE TEN STARS - represent the TEN elected president of MANAREB before CAMANAVAREB
the TEN stars symbolized the 10 fruitful years of MANAREB
THE COLOR BLUE - symbolizes the sky or heaven, water and the environment

PAREB Lifetime Paid Member                                              
AGUILAR, LOURIVIC O.                        
ESPINO, ROSEMARIE Y.                   
GAW, CHARLIE T.                                  
GOMEZ, ARSENIO M.                            

2017  PAREB - CAMANAVAREB  Members in Good Standing

Aguilar Lourivic O.
Bernabe III, Serge'son R.
Clemente, Julian Leo G.
Concepcion, Dennis G.
Espino, Caroline T.
Espino, Reynaldo C.
Fidel, Julius Konstantine P. 
Fidel, Romeo Y.
Galban, Marilou N.
Go, Teresita G.
Gochangco, Mary Joy D.
Gonzaga, Romeo G.
Hoo, Maribeth F. 
Juanillas, Antonio M.
Lee, Melba M.
Licudan, Editha M.
Lim, Lujene U.
Litonjua, Carina P.
Luba, Carmela Dolores A.
Peralta, Mercedes A.
Peralta, May A.
Perez, Danny N.
Pineda, Ma. Carolina C.
Sia, Maria Regina K.
Sioson, Martin D.
Sy, Joel T.
Tan, Avelina C.
Tiu, Erik Paul G.
Trinidad, Joanne P.
Venzon Rodolfo B.
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To GOD Be The Glory